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What material is the steering wheel cover?

Are you facing this situation? It is easy to sweat your palms while driving, and the steering wheel is easy to slip, which seriously affects the safety of driving. When this happens, everyone is going to have a snack.
However, everyone has a just-in-case mentality for the car, so for the sake of insurance, choose a good steering wheel cover for the steering wheel.
How to choose the soft smooth steering wheel cover?
1. When choosing a steering wheel cover, pay attention to the overall interior style and color. In winter, you can choose materials such as plush or thick cloth that feel warmer. In summer, you can choose materials such as rubber particles, imitation leather or diving cloth. , If you like velvet material very much, you can also choose a relatively delicate velvet material.
2. When choosing to buy, in addition to choosing the color and style you like, the size is also an issue that cannot be forgotten. Otherwise, the steering wheel cover you like can't be installed on the car, and you can only blame yourself for being negligent for a while. .
3. Most of the buyers of steering wheel covers are women. Men generally choose leather steering wheel covers, while women have a much wider choice. They tend to buy beautiful outerwear for the steering wheel of their car, just as they would choose clothes for themselves.
There are more and more car owners, and more and more people who love cars. For the steering wheel that needs to be touched all the time, in addition to knowing how to care for it, you must also know how to use it. A good and safe steering wheel is the most suitable.

What material is the steering wheel cover?
1. Features of sports steering wheel cover
The general sports steering wheel cover is characterized by bright colors and a strong sense of movement, especially highlighting a kind of sports passion. If you love sports, you can also choose to add a little vitality to your car. In particular, the bumpy feeling between the touch enhances the slip resistance.
2. The choice of seasons
Due to the rising temperature in summer, the palms are prone to sweat, so do not choose a plush steering wheel cover to reduce slippage. When the weather is getting cooler, you can choose a material that feels warmer.
3. Choice of steering wheel cover styles
In addition to choosing according to size, pay attention to the style of steering wheel cover you choose. Now there are different styles of steering wheel covers on the market: cartoon cute style, sports fashion style, mature and stable style. When choosing a style, you can choose according to your own preferences and gender.
The role of car steering wheel cover
1. The steering wheel cover of the car has the function of shock absorption
Because the material of the steering wheel itself is hard, in the case of bad road conditions, especially on mountain roads, the driver will feel violent shaking when holding the steering wheel, which will stimulate the heart of the human body. Excessive direct conduction stimulation from the limbs will easily lead to heart disease over time, which will directly cause great harm to the health of the driver. There are many steering wheel covers on the market that have the anti-vibration function. Some products have a special material inside - EVA elastomer, which can effectively buffer vibration, just like adding springs between the tire and the car body to reduce vibration.
2, the protection of the steering wheel
In the whole process of driving a car, everyone's hands will sweat, and the hands and steering wheel contact is the most frequent, and there are tens of millions of bacteria adsorbed on the steering wheel. The steering wheel cover is more conducive to absorbing sweat, keeping the driver's good feel at any time, and it is easy to remove and wash, which is conducive to improving the hygiene level of car life. If you want to remove these bacteria, generally only through high temperature disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection, scrubbing with an ordinary damp cloth will not play a fundamental role. If there is a steering wheel cover, it can be cleaned and disinfected regularly, which greatly facilitates the daily cleaning of the car owner to ensure the hygiene of the car.
Is hand-sewn steering wheel cover necessary? Advantages of hand-sewn steering wheel cover
1. There is no apron, not afraid of hardening or cracking of the apron, and the hand feeling is no less than the finished steering wheel cover.
2. The hand sewing is more suitable for the actual size of the steering wheel, and I am not afraid that the steering wheel cover will slip when driving.
3. The suture can be DIY, you can sew what kind of stitching method you like, and you can match any color of thread you like, you can do whatever you want.
4. Not only can the steering wheel be protected from wear and tear, but also can increase the feel and friction, prevent the hands from sweating and slipping, thereby enhancing the response sensitivity and safety of the car when driving, and can also play a role in reducing vibration absorption.
Disadvantages of steering wheel cover
1. At present, all the steering wheel covers on the market that do not need to be sewn are basically fixed by the internal rubber, in order to prevent the steering wheel cover from moving. During the use process, we found that such a design would actually cause inability to the leather steering wheel. Repair damage.
2, resulting in inability to grip the steering wheel or slip during driving
In the event of an emergency, such as the need to steer the steering wheel in a hurry, you need to hold the steering wheel tightly and make a quick and precise response. However, if a thick steering wheel cover is put on, it will not be able to respond in time in an emergency, and even some too thick steering wheel covers will hinder the driver's operation.

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