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What material is good for car seat cover

The car seat cover is the most significant part of the car interior. Equipping a good seat cover for the car not only protects the seat to a certain extent, but also is a rare helper for the environmental style used to decorate the interior. Therefore, It is important to choose a suitable car seat cover.
Although there are many brands of car seat covers, there are no big brands in the true sense. At this stage, the most important thing to buy a car seat cover is to look at the material, workmanship and style. The material of the car seat cover should be selected according to the season. In winter, you should choose fabrics with strong warmth retention. In summer, you should choose linen or ice silk. If you want to use it in all seasons, choose pure cotton.
Analysis: Advantages and disadvantages of car seat covers of various materials
The material of the car seat cover is very important. This is also the most important thing to consider when purchasing a seat cover. The material of the car seat cover mainly includes: sandwich seat cover, blended seat cover, imitation leather seat cover and leather seat cover, etc. The materials are different. Their characteristics will also be different.
1. Sandwich car seat cover
Sandwich is a synthetic fibrous material mainly used in car seat covers. The biggest advantage of this seat cover is that it is very durable and not easy to wear. And very easy to clean. After it gets dirty, just take it apart and put it in the washing machine to wash it. Sandwich car seat covers are cheap.
2. Blended car seat cover
The blend seat cover is sturdy and easy to clean, but feels rougher to the touch. It will not shrink and deform after washing, and can be used for a longer time. This seat cover has good air permeability and does not stick to the body when it is hot in summer, which is conducive to the evaporation of sweat. When cleaning, it is similar to the cleaning method of sandwich seat covers. In fact, it's better to go to a dry cleaner to clean it.
3, imitation leather car seat cover
The imitation leather seat cover has the feeling of a leather seat cover, and it is more convenient to clean up. The price of the imitation leather seat cover is much cheaper than that of the leather seat cover. The disadvantage of the imitation leather seat cover is that it is easy to crack.
4. Leather car seat cover
Leather chair covers are the most expensive, but there are also reasons why leather chair covers are expensive: high-grade and noble. In addition, leather chair covers have good air permeability, are not easy to crack, and are not easy to emit odor, and are relatively easy to maintain.

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