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What is the function of the steering wheel cover

For drivers with cars, I believe everyone knows the steering wheel cover, but do you know its function?
There are many practical functions to install a steering wheel cover on the car. For example, it can prevent the steering wheel from wear and tear, increase the feel and friction, and make it more satisfying when driving. Some drivers have sweaty palms when driving, which can lead to slippage and accidents, but with the steering wheel cover, there is no need to worry about this problem at all.
Secondly, a car with a steering wheel cover installed can also increase the response sensitivity during driving, making driving safer. There are many such products on the market now, and the materials are different, and drivers do not know how to choose. This article recommends to you the Goodyear steering wheel cover.
When choosing a steering wheel cover, look at the material first. The Goodyear steering wheel cover adopts a fiber mesh with a hollow structure, which has a good ventilation effect, is soft and comfortable, and has a good shock absorption effect.
The steering wheel cover is related to the safety of car driving, so the anti-skid performance is very important. Goodyear's steering wheel cover has anti-skid shading, and adopts anti-skid design on the rubber inner ring, thereby increasing the friction of the product, preventing slippage during driving and affecting the driving of the car.

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