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What are the effects of car steering wheel covers

In order to pursue the avant-garde and fashion of car interiors, many car owners will install steering wheel covers for their cars. The materials are also varied, including plush, plush, velvet, leather, imitation leather, etc., and the installation method is directly put on, There are also hand-sewn; especially in winter, it is more popular with female car owners.
Why should a car steering wheel cover be installed in a family car, and what are the effects?
1. The vibration of the steering wheel allows the driver to perceive the road conditions, and the use of the steering wheel cover will reduce the driver’s ability to perceive and judge the road conditions
2. The steering wheel cover will reduce the friction between the steering wheel and the hand. When the steering wheel needs to be driven urgently in the rain, snow, slippery road, sharp turns, etc., the steering wheel cover is easy to slip, affecting the operation and causing danger
3. The car steering wheel cover can protect the steering wheel. During the entire driving process, everyone's hands will sweat. The contact between hands and the steering wheel is the most frequent, and there are tens of millions of bacteria adsorbed on the steering wheel. The steering wheel cover is more conducive to absorbing sweat, keeping the driver's good hand feeling at any time, and it is easy to disassemble and wash, which is conducive to improving the hygiene level of car life.
4. Use some steering wheel covers with dolls or relatively long fluff, which can easily block the instrument panel, affect the line of sight, and affect driving
5. The use of some very thick steering wheel covers will affect the grip of the steering wheel by the hands, which will affect the female car owners with smaller hands and reduce the controllability.
6. If you must use a steering wheel cover, it is recommended to use leather material, and the size should be selected appropriately, and there will be no risk of slipping.

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