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What are the advantages and disadvantages of hand-sewn steering wheel covers

What are the benefits of hand-stitched steering wheel covers
1. There is no rubber ring, it is not afraid of hardening or cracking of the rubber ring, and the feel is as good as the finished steering wheel cover.
2. The hand-stitching fits the actual size of the steering wheel better, and you are not afraid that the steering wheel cover will slip when you drive it when you install it.
3. The stitching can be DIY, you can sew whatever stitching method you like, and you can use any color thread you like, whatever you want.
4. Not only can the steering wheel be protected from abrasion, but it can also increase the feel and friction, prevent the hands from sweating and slipping, thereby enhancing the sensitivity and safety of the car when driving, and can also reduce the shock absorption.
1. The disadvantage of hand-sewn steering wheel cover is that it is not easy to take care of, and it is also very troublesome to disassemble and wash. Moreover, sewing requires certain skills, and many thread problems during the sewing process will also affect the driver's driving.
2. Hand-sewn steering wheel covers are divided into two types: punched and non-punched. The unpunched part feels better than the punched part, but the punched part feels less sweaty. The perforated steering wheel feels not as good as the non-perforated steering wheel, it appears chrome panic, but it looks very beautiful.
Steering wheel cover hand-sewn cover routing method:
1. Put the steering wheel cover on the steering wheel first, use the self-contained seam as the base point for alignment, and use a little double-sided tape to make the overall temporary fix;
2. Adjust the position, align the arc shape, plug the edge of the steering wheel cover, and leave the thread before sewing. The length is 2-3 times the length of the arc to be sewn. This is called the triple streamline method below. Need to reserve a length of about 10 cm as a narrowing needle;
3. The first needle passes through the red line on the upper side of the steering wheel cover;
4. The second needle passes through the red thread on the other side opposite to the first needle, and both ends are tightened;
5. Always sew by analogy, ensure that the leather case is aligned during the sewing process, pay attention to the tightness of the thread, and prevent loosening after sewing.

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