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The role of steering wheel cover

According to investigations, very few drivers know that the steering wheel has a shock absorption effect. Because the steering wheel itself is too hard, there is no good way for the conditions of the vehicle. Unexpectedly rough roads, the steering wheel of each driver will shake violently, which stimulates the heart. Some products have special internal materials-EVA elastomer, such as tires, effective cushioning between automobile springs, reducing vibration and impact.
In addition, the steering wheel cover, to protect the role of the steering wheel, is easy to remove and wash, which will help improve the health and living standards of the car. In the entire driving car, the hand and the steering wheel contact is of course the most frequent, a lot of dirt and the breeding of many bacteria. According to incomplete statistics from the health department, tens of millions of bacteria are adsorbed on the steering wheel. If you want to remove these bacteria, usually only through high temperature disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection to reach these bacteria, generally wet cloth cleaning is not a fundamental function. However, the pain from fixing the steering wheel to the vehicle, the inconvenience of disinfection. Although the activities of the steering wheel cover are easier for the owner to carry out daily cleaning.
Pay attention to the health of the car life, use high-quality car steering wheel cover, you can not only see the decorative function of the product, you should improve the usefulness of the steering wheel cover. Nowadays, market segmentation and consumer demand increase, and steering wheel covers have become an independent industry. With continuous improvement of design and production technology, products are more attractive and more user-friendly.

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