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Non-woven seat cover related knowledge

After buying a car, everyone always thinks about adding some decoration to the car, and as a part that we often touch, it is a very common operation to add a seat cover to the seat. There are many types of seat covers, such as bamboo chips, ice silk and so on. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the non-woven seat cover.
The non-woven seat cover is installed to protect the seat. When the driver sits on the seat, the seat surface deforms. Long-term deformation will cause the leather seat to lose its toughness; in addition, if the sun shines on the seat for a long time, the high temperature will accelerate the aging of the leather, resulting in cracking and damage of the leather seat.

After installing the seat cover, the leather car seat cover can be protected from sunlight and the service life can be extended. The non-woven seat cover is soft and moderate, comfortable and breathable, which can bring a more comfortable riding experience to the owner. Also, don't worry about the seat cover getting dirty, the non-woven seat cover keeps the cloth surface dry and easy to clean even if it gets dirty.
If you value your car seat and want to extend its lifespan, install a non-woven seat cover. Install the seat cover. This is not very troublesome, just pay attention when buying seat covers, choose a seat cover that does not interfere with the normal function of the original car, after all, safety is important; secondly, you must choose a good material seat cover. Poor-quality seat covers can make people feel uncomfortable and won't last too long. Third, choose a seat cover that matches the car's style color, and don't choose a color that is too bright, which will look awkward.

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