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How to install the steering wheel cover?

It is often seen that some car owners will install the steering wheel cover, especially in winter, how to install the steering wheel cover? What should I do if the steering wheel cover cannot be installed?
How to install the steering wheel cover
1. Place the upper end of the steering wheel cover on the top of the steering wheel, hold the upper part of the steering wheel, and gradually tighten it with both hands to either side under the steering wheel.
2. When the steering wheel cover is difficult to fix, ask another person to pull down to the proper position.
3. After the bottom of the steering wheel is installed, it should be in a firm and non-slip state. After a little adjustment, the installation is complete.
Special note: about the so-called white circle/black circle
Recently, some propaganda black circles are not environmentally friendly and have a smell, while the white circles are environmentally friendly and have fragrance. . . . .

1. If the rubber inner ring is made of virgin rubber, how can there be no rubber smell? For example, newly bought sports shoes, such as car tires, will definitely have the smell of rubber itself.
2. White rubber? Is that still rubber? The answer goes without saying. So what is it? Why is it white and has a fragrance? Because the fragrance is added in the production process, it is a chemical agent, and it has a little fragrance.
3. So how long does it take for the black rubber to dissipate? Because the rubber is on the inner layer, buy a glove on the steering wheel (isolated), and it will slowly disappear within a week with the contact of the driver's hand.
4. Since white is a chemical result, is black environmentally friendly? Yes, so to speak, at least without additives. Just because everyone doesn't like the original taste of rubber, they made a white circle that everyone likes, but it has been processed. Do you think the processed things with additives are environmentally friendly or raw rubber?
5. If you are really sensitive to the smell of rubber: First, after you buy it, open the package in a cool and ventilated place for about a week, and second, please choose the "scented white inner ring".
What should I do if the steering wheel cover cannot be installed?
The steering wheel cover is like this. It is the most difficult to cover at the last point. No matter how tight it is, you can put it in. Use a little more force and let a man help you put it on. Press it in first, then press the part that has entered and go in a circle. Press, use more force, and force is fine, but it won't break.
The above is about how to install the car steering wheel cover. The installation method of the car steering wheel cover hopes to help you.

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