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How to install seat cover?

Now many car-loving friends like to buy car seat cover online, but when they are delivered to their homes, they don't know how to install them correctly.
How to install seat cover?
Seat cover refers to the cover of the car seat. The seat cover can beautify the interior space of the car, protect the original car seat to make it dry and clean, and prevent the leather from aging. Seat covers are generally divided into general seat covers and special car seat covers. At present, the main car seat cover fabrics are sandwich fabrics, suede fabrics, gem velvet fabrics and ice silk, linen and cotton fabrics.

 How to install seat cover
1. Take out the front seat of the car
2. Set into the seat cushion vest
3. Set the seat cushion head cover
4. Take out the chuck
5. Install the chuck
6. Insert the chuck into the gap
7. Stuck after inserting the chuck
8. Card the chuck
9. Adjust the cushion apron
10. Clip the elastic band of the car seat apron
12. Set the headrest into the car seat cushion
The special seat cover is tailor-made according to your car, and all the holes for the mechanism, knobs, and seat belts are all opened according to the model. The seat cover manufacturer has already checked the seat structure and size of this car in the 4S shop when the car leaves the factory. You just need to report your own model and seat structure.

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