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How can the car steering wheel cover be put on

1. First, choose the right steering wheel cover.
Match it with the style of yourself and the car, but also pay attention to the material. For example, you can choose velvet in winter, and dry rubber particles in summer (you will sweat in summer and pay attention to anti-skid). Also, pay attention to the size.
2, the following is the installation skills.
In order to ensure that there will be no slippage, the steering wheel covers are relatively small, so you need to be strong when installing them. Then, some materials are hard, which may not be easy to install. You can soak it in hot water first, soften it, and dry it before loading.
3. First put the cover on the steering wheel, and put the upper end in first. It's still easier here.
2. What is the function of the steering wheel cover?
1. The steering wheel is free from wear and tear;
2. It can increase the feel and friction, prevent the hands from sweating and slipping, thereby enhancing the response sensitivity and safety of the car when driving;
3. It can also play a role in reducing vibration absorption.
There are many types of steering wheel covers. If they are classified according to different materials, they can be divided into plush, plush, velvet, thick cloth, imitation leather, leather, diving cloth, rubber particles, genuine leather and high-density lambswool thickened genuine leather, etc. , There are also some improved materials on this basis, such as luminous leather, non-slip particles, short-pile electric embroidery and plush steering wheel cover with small dolls. According to the weather, choose the material that feels suitable, pay attention to the size, and choose the right one to work. The steering wheel is the most direct link of "human-vehicle interaction".

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