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Car seat cover cleaning skills

1. Pay attention to car seat cover cleaning: It is best to choose a professional car decoration service provider to install the seat cover to ensure that the seat cover fits beautifully. Of course, it is best if your hands are very skillful and the installation is very skilled. In the process of use, it is necessary to tidy up frequently, avoid wrinkles, change and wash frequently, and ensure that the chair cover is kept clean.
2. Dry cleaning (tetrachloroethylene solvent) is recommended; hand washing is recommended when washing with water. When machine washing, please select the high water level and gentle washing method of the washing machine; when machine washing, remove small parts before washing to avoid damage to the washing machine parts .
3. Attention should be paid to the cleaning of car seat covers: do not scrub strongly when washing, so as not to weaken its function; please use water temperature below 30 ℃ for washing.
4. Please use neutral detergent when washing, dilute the detergent with water before washing, do not pour the detergent directly on the chair cover; in order to maintain the color of the chair cover, do not use bleaching water, or use bleach containing ingredients detergent for washing.
5. For health reasons, please do not mix the chair cover and other items for washing; when washing, please dry it naturally, do not wring, spin or heat it. Iron at low temperature, the soleplate does not exceed 110 ℃. Please take out the inner core of filling products before washing, do not wash the filling, so as not to weaken its function.

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